inteVISTA Go Official Release Announcement

inteVISTA Go square cart logointeVISTA Releases a Mobile Training Solution for Adobe Connect

Austin, TX – August 19, 2014 – Headquartered in Austin, Texas, inteVISTA,  a long respected brand in the Adobe software world,  announced today the release of inteVISTA Go, the first in a series of instant-on software products for Adobe Connect.  inteVISTA Go is a mobile training solution, providing access to Adobe Connect training and meeting content across all devices, making it a truly multiscreen solution covering both personal computers and mobile devices alike. 

inteVISTA Go uses an HTML5 interface which is fully responsive and device aware.  It also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Connect, picking up an organization’s branding as well as preserving the configuration of the Adobe Connect curriculum.  This ensures that training managers don’t have to change their content order, completion requirements, prerequisites or test outs.  inteVISTA Go preserves everything and is ready to go with an impressive new user experience that is accessible on any device. 

“This product is super exciting because it deploys so quickly and easily.  Not only that, but it looks really awesome across all devices ensuring a great user experience for your Adobe Connect learners.  Ultimately, you reach your audience everywhere and look good doing it.” explained Frank Rogers, Senior Vice President of Business Development at inteVISTA.

inteVISTA Go is available as an annual license for as little as $1,500. For more information and to find out how much inteVISTA Go will cost for your Adobe Connect platform, visit

About inteVISTA

inteVISTA is a group of innovative web collaboration experts who are passionate about creating simple-to-use, easy-to-install software add-ons that add extreme value to Adobe Connect users.  They believe that Adobe Connect is one of the best platforms for online events and learning available today… one that can fundamentally shift how people interact with one another, learn and do business.