Changing Link Names

Another way to customize your LMS is to change the text of the LMS.


The example we will use today will out line how to change the Available Learning and My Learning links as well as the Headers for Available and My Learning. We will be using the Custom Javescript element of the LMS to achieve this.

Login as an ‘Administrator’ and click on the NewGear icon.

Find and click ‘Javascript’ from the drop down menu under ‘Customize’.


Enter the following code:

iv.when(“container.load”).then(function($, response) {
try {
iv.$(“a:contains(‘Available Learning’)”).html(“NewName“);
iv.$(“a:contains(‘My Learning’)”).html(“NewName“);
iv.$(“h1:contains(‘Available Learning’)”).html(“NewName“);
iv.$(“h1:contains(‘My Learning’)”).html(“NewName“);
} catch(er){}

The NewName place holder is where you can add the new name for your links and headers

We are going to change the link and headers to Available Classes and My Classes

iv.when(“container.load”).then(function($, response) {
try {
iv.$(“a:contains(‘Available Learning’)”).html(“Available Classes“);
iv.$(“a:contains(‘My Learning’)”).html(“My Classes“);
iv.$(“h1:contains(‘Available Learning’)”).html(“Available Classes“);
iv.$(“h1:contains(‘My Learning’)”).html(“My Classes“);
} catch(er){}

Click ‘Save’

Return to the Home Page HomeIcon and refresh the page.

The Links and Headers have been updated.


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Changing the Icon Colors

With the new icons associated with iVLMS, the most common question we receive is if there is a way to change the colors of these icons.  The answer is yes.

The icons in question are the Home, Cart, Admin, Content Manger and Reports Icons that show up on the LMS.



The color of these icons can be changed using custom CSS code and can be set on the account level.

To change the color:

Login in to the LMS as an Administrator and click on the Admin Icon NewGear.

Click on CSS under Customize from the drop down menu.


Enter the following Code into the Text Box

.iv-material-icon{color:#COLORCODE !important;}

The COLORCODE specifies the color you would like to change the icons to


000000 = White

ff0000 = Black

ff0000 = Red

More examples:

Click ‘Save’ and refresh the Page.

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