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inteVISTA Sell is a software plugin for Adobe Connect that allows you to sell your webinars, recordings, videos, and training content.

  • eCommerce within Adobe Connect

    inteVISTA Sell brings eCommerce capabilities to one of the best, most comprehensive eLearning and eMarketing platforms on the market. Now you can monetize your content with inteVISTA Sell.

  • Requires the Events Manager License in Adobe Connect

    This allows the administrator to sell webinars, recordings, videos, training and any other content on your Connect server.

  • Setup is a snap!

    With easy-to-follow videos, we make registration and setup a snap! Simply set pricing for your event or content and you are ready to turn your existing Adobe Connect content into a new revenue stream.

  • Simple drag and drop

    Simply drag and drop inteVISTA Sell into your Event template.

  • Branding integration

    inteVISTA Sell preserves the look and feel of your Adobe Connect branding to give your visitors a consistent user experience.


inteVISTA Sell allows you to monetize your Adobe Connect events and content.

Annual subscription – $2388. (199 per month w/ 12 month min term)

Give it a spin!

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Product Support

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