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Changing Link Names

Another way to customize your LMS is to change the text of the LMS. The example we will use today will out line how to change the Available Learning and My Learning links as well as the Headers for Available and My Learning. We will be using the Custom Javescript element of the LMS to […]

Changing the Icon Colors

With the new icons associated with iVLMS, the most common question we receive is if there is a way to change the colors of these icons.  The answer is yes. The icons in question are the Home, Cart, Admin, Content Manger and Reports Icons that show up on the LMS.   The color of these […]

Adding an image to Activity, Course or Curriculum from Adobe Connect.

Adding an image to your Activities, Courses or Curricula is quit easy. All you need is a URL for where ever the image you want to use is located. What if you would like to store your image on Adobe Connect. You might have noticed that if you use the Adobe Connect Content URL, the […]

Re-positioning the Search Bar

Depending on your use of the LMS, you might want to choose to move the Search bar to a different location.  The default location of the search bar is on its own line, centered on the page below the Information / Header Bar. Perhaps, you would like the search bar to appear on the Information […]