How can I get pricing for inteVISTA LMS?

inteVISTA LMSThe New Green.

We know that green technology is smart business. It saves the environment while reducing costs associated with facilities and travel. On the subject of money, it’s no secret that in today’s economy, every penny counts. That’s why inteVISTA LMS has been built to include the most sought-after features at an affordable price with built-in eCommerce functionality that helps you drive new revenue streams for your organization. inteVISTA expands the definition of green!

inteVISTA LMS answers the demand for an affordable learning solution that delivers a simple and clean web 2.0 interface, provides fast and relevant reporting, and scales to your organization’s needs.

Given the unique nature and use case of every organization, we provide a user based pricing model and an alternative usage based pricing model. This way, we can tailor pricing that fits how your organization actually works. Complete the request form and one of our Solution Consultants will meet with you online and find out more information that helps us zero in on a right sized solution to fit your needs.

inteVISTA LMS… the last LMS you’ll ever need.

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