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Introducing the last LMS you will ever use!

inteVISTA LMS is a content delivery platform (SaaS) that uses Brand Inheritance technology and a powerful Integration Framework to deliver blended learning content that looks how you look and provides a seamless user experience.

Organizations are using inteVISTA LMS for…


Traditional LMS
Internal Training / Learning
Leadership Development
Talent Management

Learning Business

Drive Revenue Streams
Monetize Content

Who loves inteVISTA LMS?

Marketing & Brand Managers

…love that inteVISTA inherits the branding, look and feel of their website.

And when you’re ready to change things up, inteVISTA LMS changes right along with you. Since inteVISTA LMS is injected directly into your website, it inherits your branding and coding, so it always looks how you look.

Content & Learning Managers

…love that inteVISTA pulls content from all locations into one easy-to-navigate portal.

inteVISTA LMS allows you to deliver blended learning content from multiple sources through one easy-to-organize and navigate portal.

IT Professionals

…get excited about inteVISTA LMS’s seamless integration and low-maintenance set up.

One line of code is all it takes to inject inteVISTA LMS right into your website.

End Users

…appreciate the single sign on and seamless user experience that inteVISTA LMS provides.

Whether in the office or on the go with mobile, users are able to access searchable content on demand, so they can find exactly what they’re looking for right when they’re ready to consume it.

Why use an LMS


  • Go online
  • Watch videos
  • Engage with instruction
  • Take tests
  • Get certificates
  • Find resources


  • Work smarter
  • Make the right sales pitch
  • Use your product better
  • Be safer everywhere
  • Lead people to victory
  • And much more…


  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve culture
  • Build channels
  • Keep business
  • See your ROI soar

inteVISTA LMS – Features

inteVISTA LMS looks how you look.

…so your content looks like it’s being delivered right from your website. Seamlessly. Beautifully.

inteVISTA LMS redefines the traditional learning market space with a web 2.0 interface that drops into any existing webpage to deliver user friendly search, ecommerce, social, and blended learning content supplied by Adobe Connect.

Providing a seamless user experience across your web platforms, inteVISTA LMS is engineered to support large enterprise organizations, higher learning facilities and small businesses, with a focus on increasing usability and increased satisfaction with your learning communities.

  • Branded to look like your organization – takes on look and feel (fonts, colors, responsiveness, user permissions; CSS)
  • The only constant is change – inteVISTA LMS adapts as things change – easy to add great looking, interactive content, etc.; change the look/feel of your site, iV LMS changes with you
  • Customized experience – looks like you look; marketers want learning communities to look like their sites
  • Seamless integration with any content mgmt system (Adobe Connect, amazon web services, brightcove or their current system) – single sign-on, create users, assign training; use our API to link to other systems that you use

Unleash your content! Give it meaning. Give it #context.

Deliver a learning experience that addresses training requirements while providing a knowledge base for learning reinforcement and utility.

  • inteVISTA LMS gives users the power to find the answers they’re searching for.
  • We deliver a context based learning experience that is searchable and usable
  • Our powerful search engine provides insight into available learning activities and resources that may suit your learner’s needs
  • Deliver learning and reinforce knowledge
  • Fully integrated virtual classrooms that enable collaboration and coaching

This would be a great place to have a screen shot of inteVISTA LMS zoomed in on the search function area –>

Content is everywhere. Unify the experience.

People are on app overload. Bring your content all together in one platform with one sign-on. 

  • We deliver content from multiple systems through one great user experience with just one log-in
  • Integrates with industry leading Adobe Connect
  • Leverages your investment in web technologies and integrations – now and in the future
  • Deliver blended learning content from multiple sources
  • Our powerful integration framework provides seamless mapping to your systems users and groups
  • Organize content into channels by companies, groups, learning paths, etc.
  • Right from your website, easily manage and publish your learning

Monetize your content.

Create a revenue stream by selling your digital content.  

Sell your all of your content or just pieces of it. You can offer things like online courses, exclusive membership content, videos, audio files and more.

Learning where you are.

Access real-time, mobile training. Anywhere. Any time. 

  • Mobile – smart phone, tablet, etc.
  • We leverage the formatting and responsiveness of your website, so you can provide anywhere access to your content
  • Our HTML5 browser-friendly interface provides access from any device
  • All you need to do is make sure you content is consumable on any device

Knowledge is the new commodity.

Yes, people really do want badges. 

The more your employees/partners know, the more successful they’ll be. inteVISTA LMS makes it easy to author content, create courses and share knowledge.

Achievement comes with recognition. inteVISTA LMS allows users to earn certificates of completion that can be printed or shared electronically.

  • Build exams, including certificates of completion
  • Provide official certification programs
  • Coming soon in 2015 – the ability to post your achievement to LinkedIn
Achievements, certificates

Reporting analytics

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How hard is it to install? 

Some learning management systems take an army to set up. But not us. One line of code is all it takes to inject inteVISTA LMS right into your website.

Our powerful injection technology provides a seamless integration into your existing web technology. And that means when you change the look and feel of your website, we go right with you!<

Will my users need a new login? 

No. One of the benefits of inteVISTA LMS injecting right into your website is that your users’ experience is seamless on your website. Our powerful integration framework provides seamless mapping to your system users and groups providing for a single sign on.

How hard is it to manage and organize my content? 

Easily manage and publish your learning right from your own web interface.

Our Content Manager interface allows you to easily configure accessibility, availability, requirements, pre-requisites, units to earn, categories and certificates.

How do I keep track of what’s happening? 

We keep the learning, managers, publishers and even other systems in the loop around what people are doing with our powerful communication engine.

How do the certificates of achievement work? 

Our certification function helps boost achievement and is easy to set up. Simply format certificates in Microsoft Word. When the course has been completed, a personalized PDF copy is created for the end user for download and print.

New function coming soon! In 2015, we’re adding the ability to post your acheivement to your LinkedIn profile. 

Don’t have Adobe Connect?

Reach out to your referrer or contact us for more information.

Ready to find out how inteVISTA LMS can work for your organization?